ground zero

so here it is. my inaugural attempt at self-publishing. i’ve never much liked an audience, but having access to a great venue has always been nice!

with that in mind, i now begin what i hope will become a daily journey…away from all the partisan dribble of the second-hand news, and toward a more realistic picture of the world around us. a more rational picture. and i’m talking, of course, about life.

i’m talking about rising gas prices on a steamy summer weekend. i’m talking about nanotechnology and the age of spiritual machines. i’m talking about lawyers and bankers and white-collar crime. i’m talking about extra-solar planets and the quest for “intelligent” life. i’m talking about soccer moms and the meteoric rise of the minivan. i’m talking about the trolley problem and the killing of an unborn child. i’m talking about poverty. i’m talking about politics. i’m talking about potential. and i’m talking, of course, about life.

which brings us back, once again, to the rational post. call it the re-birth of the modern journalistic serial. a (hopefully) daily collection of the politics, economics and sociology of everyday life. a (hopefully) worthwhile read for anyone not particularly satisfied with the way we learn about the world. read it to criticize; read it to learn; read it to challenge; read it to laugh…’cause as long as you’re reading something, you’re never wasting your time!

i hope you enjoy,

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  1. Congrats on your first post!

    Can’t wait to tune in daily with steaming cup o’ joe for a rational take on our so-called reality (particularly insights into extra-solar planets).


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