future topics

“universal darwinism” – life, evolved

“green eggs and ham” – dr. seuss, sesame street, and the first major revolution in child education

“petrosexuals” – the sexy side of oil

“shall we dance?” – interpersonal communication at its most basic

“mis-noam-er” – the truth about noam chomsky

“the value of value” – things are only worth what everyone says they’re worth

“schizengrűven” – my love hate relationship with volkswagen

“buyers and sellers” – two completely different species

“his story” – history is always written by the victorious. what ever happens to the other guy?

“channel surfing” – advertising as the driving force behind all conventional media content

“trading places” – the role of parents in today’s society as the single most influential social factor in the general well-being of any population

“bigger penis now!” – on the life of an internet spammer

“the other asian tiger” – india finally grows into its skin

“rumble in the jungle” – castro vs. che in the quest for a communist ideal

“a view from space” – new satellite imagery shows the scarier side of google

“culture shock” cannibis culture in canada vs. cocaine culture in the u.s. (origins, implications, politics)

“the little fish that could” – how the common “fly fish” learned to love making love