pandora_logokissed my computer screen just now.

turns out i stumbled across (yet another) truly remarkable application of the internet this afternoon.

this time, it all started with a pair of musicians; and a pair of their greatest melodies. when combined, this fantastic foursome managed to distract me (quite easily) from what i was just about to do.

first, out of the cavernous depths of the world wide web, an untouchable brasilian sensation suddenly and irrepressibly emerged. inspired both by regional jazz legends as well as the all-time american greats, flora purim’s early and sensational rise to stardom began while singing over the inexhaustible ivories of keyboarding legend chick corea, and it eventually carried her into the upper strata of brasilian musical circles (a status she has yet to relinquish, even three decades later).

then, as if one great musician wasn’t enough, europe’s best known jazzmaster (django reinhardt) made his triumphant return to our very own rational radio and played the most fantastic, free-flowing guitar i’ve heard in a very long time.

it was both amazing, and completely unexpected.

so i turned, looked back longingly at my guitar, and smiled.

then i kissed my computer screen, and thought quietly to myself:

“the internet is a truly remarkable place…”