a rational retrospective

2005 was a turning point of sorts; more sideways than forward, but welcome in every sense of the word. Writing became a very important priority, and it looks to remain so for quite some time. As I continue to explore the real reason I’m here, in this place, at this time, with ideas that are still begging for a place among the white pages of history, I’ve come to realize something important: thought itself is fleeting without action. In fact, when left alone to brood and fester, thought is the very essence of inertia, like a cold and unmoveable stone, tied to the ankle of every great idea you’ve ever had.

With that in mind, for 2006, I have resolved to pick up my pen and write as often and as furiously as I can, about each and every thing that comes to mind, be it script or sentence or sound. In 2006, these thoughts will find a home on somebody’s page, outside of the suffocating confines of a chattering mind. In 2006, my young self will talk wistfully with its older cousin about the way the world looked when the vitality of youth still coursed through my veins and the lurking shadow of middle age was still too shy to creep in.

And for me, that’s the best part: that our writing can bring us back; to what we were, what we thought, and how we thought it. For me, 2005 was big. Incredibly collosal, in fact. As a natural consequence, the things I wrote, and the reasons I wrote them, all point to some common view of the world; a view that’s distinctly “2005”. And so, as a special treat for all 3 of our regular readers (myself included), I’ve compiled a few of my favourite pieces from over the course of the last 9 months into a sort of Rational Retrospective. With any luck, it might become the first of many; but even if it doesn’t, the journey was well worth the effort.

As always, I hope you enjoy.

2005: a rational retrospective

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