a hero’s rank

(another piece of early creative writing, first conceived during the intensely productive summer of 1998. once again, please pardon any excessive “linguistic enthusiasm”…)

man’s great intention

is every man inclined to greatness?
what sets apart the icons of humanity from the masses?
who provides the “average”
against which the hero’s rank is so often compared?
why do some realize their inherent genius
while others fail to even search?
could every man be as great as the greatest?
and if so, what of those rare and precious few
who’ve been so commendably erected
to the dizzying heights of perpetual praise?

so lucky is the brave stranger who chances to seek
that which is within himself, for if that greatness lies beyond
his inward glance, his incorrigible grasp,
the search alone was more than worth the effort.
what could be better for the communion of man
than a shared sense of the super-human,
and the greater glory of a unified social elite?
of man’s greatness much has been said,
but none more debasing than words of his normality,
his basic composition, or his otherwise unremarkable character.
great is the society to which we all belong,
but far greater still is our human potential,
carrying us to greatness on the shoulders of our heros
and their many great conquests into the world unknown.
for these champions of progress, “to be” is truly “to be more”.
“to be more”, then, is a chance to excel; perchance to achieve;
and in such achievements, much praise to receive.
for such is the ultimate glory of man,
and such is his duty in life’s master plan.