a call to arms

the rational post wants YOU! (insert uncle sam’s best conscription imagery HERE)

that’s right! you, MR. DYCK, JONATHAN, have been selected to represent the exceedingly prestigious and only recently world-renouned “rational post” as their senior NEW YORK correspondent.

your pen name: DYCKTATOR (or whatever creative handle you prefer!)

to qualify, simply send us a sample of your best journalistic material, specifically as it pertains to the production of feature-quality “rational” insight into the heart and soul of the real NEW YORK, as you, MR. DYCK, JONATHAN, might happen to see it.

write about the PERILOUS life of INVESTMENT BANKING. write about the DANGERS of GENERAL URBAN MISCHIEF. write about SEX in that UNREAL CITY.

what whatever you do, just write. and trust me, you won’t regret it!

(remember, i’m not only the club president…i’m also a client!)