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Make it Deconyx

At ZED we chose home wear that resonates with our philosophy of being sustainable. Today, sustainability does not compromise the aesthetics of an item, but rather enhances it’s natural beauty. Such is the case of Onyx.

Onyx is a cryptocrystalline form of quartz, it’s layers are formed by nature with varying colors ranging from creamy whites, gold’s and yellow-brownish to, reds, browns, greens, and grays. It is formed in intense heat and pressure, such as those within volcanoes. Although Onyx is heavy like a rock, it is naturally translucent, which is perhaps one of it’s most appealing qualities aside from it’s durability strong enough to fight the elements such as dust sun-light, and water.

A company which sells items made from this material is DECONYX. They are based out of Canada and buy their merchandise from a village in Mexico which specializes in the production of an ample variety of items for home decor.

Their featured category, lighting is stunning, Onyx’s translucent nature make these lamps very appealing. The light projects a calming light that is ideal for a night light or even a floor lamp.

Most of the items at Deconyx are hand carved, with the exception of large scale items, this proves that there is no need for a high energy manufacturing process.

Chess boardThese products are great, and you are sure to find something within your budget. Check out their website at www.deconyx.ca and let me what you think.