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The listener

In every conversation there exists two types of actions, there are those who listen and there are those who speak. Personally, I tend to be of those who sit and quitely listen, I respect a conversation that takes place among other people and I wont say anything unless I think that I am making a helpful contribution to a conversation. Although listeners don’t always take the spotlight when in a conversation, they do take the spotlight in another conversation that doesn’t involve the same participants. Amman These, the listeners introduce what they have heard in another place with different people, sometimes people that know about the subject, sometimes people that know nothing on the subject. When this new subject is introduced by the listener, he crosses the bridge from being a listener to being the one who speaks. I must say of course there are people that can very well do both things simultaneously.

So in the same way we are both listeners and speakers at different instances. What develops from this practice is the dispread of new information, and with it bringing fourth knowledge of something that may be useful if true and useless if information is taken losely and not well based on research or personal experience. Both the listener and the speaker play important roles in a conversation, the one cannot exist or validate its existence without the other. Needless to say both roles are equally important.

To be a good speaker you must know what you are talking about and have a source or some type of evidence of what you are saying, even if its not factual and only opinionated, you must be able to explain the rational behind your thoughts. On the other hand we have the listener, who in order to be a good and true listener must listen to every word and not interrupt what the speaker is saying, not in his mind and not out loud, The reason for both is very simple, if a listener interrupts and i say interrupts a person who is speaking he no longer is a listener, for evident reasons, people who truly listen don’t interrupt. There are also those people who interrupt in their minds, they may listen to a person but then they allow themselves to interrupt with a personal thought about the discussion or worse yet they are interrupted by thoughts that have no relation to the given subject and they tend to tune out. Both tasks are equally important and both tasks if done well are equally honourable.

So how do you begin as a listener or a speaker?