work in progress

(the following is an exerpt from a script i wrote “way back in the day”, when i was still “working” with the swissies at that big investment bank…)

so…24 years later…it all comes down to this. looking back at a solid foundation of academics, family-life and social identify, everything seems good and right in the world. everything is as it very well should be. the world actually makes sense. and perhaps more importantly, your place in the world makes sense.

and then, one day, it happens. the world begins to shift…right there under your feet, ripping out the foundations it took you a whole lifetime to build. and you stand there…in your adolescence…in your mid-20s…in your middle-age, in your golden years — whenever that shift takes place — and you suddenly realize that you’re naked to the world. naked as the day you were born. naked…but this time, conscious. conscious of the fact that you’re starting over again. conscious of the fact that you might be all alone. conscious of that fact that your very soul is hanging in the balance, at the mercy of your next big decision…at the mercy of your very next step.

so you stand there. at the crossroads. petrified. unable to move. unable to think. unable to breathe. unable to take that next small step, that next big chance, that next great leap of secular faith.

and then, one day……you jump…