scene two

(continued from scene one…)


An empty document window. Letters are spilling forward like the crest of a rolling wave.

Unfocused. Unsatisfied. Underwhelmed.

But it was never as bleak as all that. In fact, it all sounded pretty cool. Building a cottage. Writing a script. Traveling the world. Then back to work. 100 hour weeks. $100,000 contracts. A day at the spa. A night in Vegas. All-nighters spaced between social preoccupations like the worn-out discs of a middle-age spine.

Unable to make meaningful decisions.

He grabs a sweating beer from his desk and downs the whole thing. It’s gonna be a long night.

After a the last sumptuous gulp, his fingers suddely spring to life again with a short bust of inspiration.

“Humanity is distraction.”

The cursor blinks patiently as his mind folds back into a deep and profound thought…