principal’s message

Yearbook_Cover“During 1967 we were proud to identify ourselves as Canadians. In celebrating our country’s 100th birthday, we became conscious of the contributions made by our forefathers. Their courage, determination and perseverance have inspired us to shoulder our responsibilities as we enter a second century of progress.

“As young Canadians you have much to offer to the further development of our fair land. Endowed with a sound education and technical skills you are in a favourable position to extend the frontiers of knowledge. Each of you will have a share in promoting our rapidly expanding economy and in improving our standard of living. But your greatest contribution will lie in adherence to your ideals. The young people of to-day are deeply aware of the dignity of man. You are concerned that each individual regardless of his race, colour, or creed should enjoy equal human rights. May you persevere in this quest for civil liberty.

“May I encourage you also in your desire to share your benefits with the people of developing nations. Improved methods of transportation and communication have caused the world to shrink in size. You are living as neighbors with those in other lands. Accordingly I invite you to cultivate the ideal of international friendship and goodwill.

“Congratulations on having achieved graduation. Central Tech is proud of her sons and daughters. May each of you enjoy a prosperous future and the rewards of helping your fellowmen.”

– K.E. Chute, M.A., B.A.Ed, Principal, Central Technical School (1960-72)
As featured in the 1967 Central Tech High School Yearbook (“The Vulcan”)