QR Trailers

Whoever said technology would kill the video shop had it all wrong….

Case in point: The Little Video Shop is now featuring a great new mobile technology called QR (or Quick Response). Wildly popular in Asia and Europe, these artsy 2D barcodes are popping up everywhere in mainstream media. They work with every modern smartphone and provide a quick way of interacting with everything from magazine articles to subway ads to television shows.

And now, for your convenience and general awesomeness, TLVS is featuring QR links on all of its new releases! Simply scan the code on the front of our DVD cases and you’ll mathemagically be whisked away to a trailer of the movie. Not sure what to rent? Can’t decide between 3 amazing films? QR trailers are just what you need!

If you don’t already have a QR scanner on your phone, visit this page on your mobile phone and click on one of the following links to get a free, top-rated app:




Windows Phone 7

We hope you enjoy yet another first in hi-tech innovation at The Little Video Shop! See you soon…and bring your smartphone!