We’re not ones to toot our own horns, but here’s a collection of reviews and press that really make us blush…

Toronto’s Best Video Stores (link)

“Stop by this colourful Baldwin Village movie store to browse its more than 7,000 titles, eat some free popcorn, or talk movies with owner Leila Deciantis. She’ll gladly chat about why video stores are better than Netflix (is there really a debate here?), the importance of community, and – of course – all things film. This little shop is more than just a movie store; it is a genuine community hub. Deciantis plays free movies on her projection screen outside in the summer, she serves coffee and gelato and even offers free Wi-Fi.”

The Best Video Stores in Toronto: (link)

“It may be little, but this Baldwin Village favourite carries 6,000 titles and serves delicious gelato to boot.”

Toronto Film Scene (link)

“Nestled into the pretty Baldwin Village in Toronto’s west end is a tiny gem of a shop that makes up for what it lacks in size with an abundance of charm and the feeling that you’re amongst a family of true cinephiles. The Little Video Shop acts as a sort of hub for the community, offering not only popcorn, hot drinks and gelato on top of a well-curated film collection, but also a respite from the bustling city streets.”
“Visitors can take advantage of the free Wi-Fi as they relax on the homey front porch taking in the always colourful street traffic and contemplating which of the shop’s 8000-plus film collection will be coming home with them tonight.”

Spacing Toronto: Street Stories (link)

“Leila DeCiantis works to co-ordinate Baldwin’s pedestrian days, and is clearly someone who loves her pedestrians: at night, she projects movies on a screen in front of her video store and has benches placed out for passerby to watch from, like a sort of walk-up theatre….In fact, many of The Little Video Shop’s clips of pedestrians dancing in the streets bear a striking resemblance to John Phillip’s photos of hippies in the 60’s. Not long into my chat with DeCiantis, she started excitedly talking about a day when Baldwin might be permanently pedestrianized, noting that it’s quite feasible since there are still access roads that could make deliveries to businesses’ backdoors.” (link)

“I was walking down the tail end of Baldwin street one night and stumbled upon a movie being projected from a local shop. Though darkly lit, I walked a few more paces and discovered it was coming from a video shop-the little video shop of Baldwin! What’s also great appreciated is that most every film in store has a review attached to it either from NOW magazine or a personalized written review from one of the store’s workers. The staff are quite friendly here and don’t hesitate to offer an opinion about what’s good, uplifting, sad or heavy. Plus there’s popcorn available for free and there’s also a selection of candies, teas and gelato for movie goers that like to have treats on hand. There’s also movie specials from Monday to Wednesday.”

“”Another reason why I love Baldwin. Not only is this a good video rental store with a good selection, it’s also home to delicious homemade gelato! Many a times have I come in here just for the cold treat!”

Google Places (link)

“This place is really a gem of a store. Terrific selection — latest releases, art movies, and quite a big Asian section. The woman who runs it is extremely friendly and there’s a very neighbourly atmosphere. Also sells gelato and gives away free popcorn. Nice neighbourhood too, Baldwin Village.”

DailyXY Comments (link)

“You forgot the add the best video shop in town, especially to take a date to – the Little Video Shop on Baldwin St., Toronto. Its quaint, has a huge selection, cheap, the owner Leila really takes care of you, and they even play outdoor free movies on weekend nights”

The Grid: How’s Business at The Little Video Shop (link)

“Nestled unassumingly on Baldwin Street’s restaurant strip, the Little Video Shop has cultivated a faithful following since it opened in 2006. Owner Leila Deciantis, a voracious film buff, provides her customers with thoughtful recommendations and gentle prodding to broaden their tastes. In March, she converted the space to a partial café, though she continues to give out free popcorn like it’s candy. And also, candy.”

Toronto Life on Baldwin Village (link)

“Dim sum at Kowloon or a spider roll at Fujiyama; those steamed oysters at Wah Sing; a perfectly grilled, centre-cut veal chop with a rich, velvet-textured rosemary and red wine sauce at Sambuca Grill; finish up with tiramisù gelato and a movie from Leila DeCiantis’s video store.”

Faysai’s Blog (link)

“While walking back home in the cold on Baldwin Street, I grab Liz, and go into a shop that looked interesting. Before going in we had a couple of drinks, we were just wandering around trying to find a warm place to have a few laughs… As we look around we discover a wide selection of DVDs, some old, some new and some foreign movies that you don’t find everywhere. A nice lady comes and greets us, she introduces the store and talks about the offers she has on weekdays. I was surprised to find such a nice video shop so close to my place. “

Bon Plans Sur Toronto (link)

“Dans l’euphorie culinaire de Baldwin se cache un petit vidéo-club atypique tout droit sorti d’un vieux rêve hippie, servant glaces maison et films originaux pour seulement quelques dollars. La sympathique tenante est toujours de bon conseil et vous présentera les raretés et autres films à ne pas manquer.”